FREEDOM WARS – Game Night & Live-Stream

Guns of the Helghast Freedom Wars Game Night

Your beloved contributions for freedom await every Tuesday & Friday at Guns of the Helghast!

Konnichiwa fellow, Sinners! Just as Freedom Wars’ Natalia would oh-so charmingly phrase; I’d like to inform you, “drains on resources“, I’ve been hosting weekly social community events Tuesdays ( For Co-Op ) at 6:00pm Eastern & Fridays ( For PVP ) at 6:00pm Eastern for the Greater Good! Those needing help hunting a desired resource for crafting or an advancement to the next CODE, send your PSN friend request to Sons-of-Helghan to partake these weekly live-streamed sessions! (‘v’)7

Details on attending the weekly PSN Party Chat Game Nights are provided in the descriptions following below. Real good shaz for those vocal co-operative gaming types!

Event Host:

PSN ID: Sons-of-Helghan

Live-Stream Channels:

Event Schedule & Duration:

Tuesdays ( Co-Op ) from 6:00pm ET ~ 8:00pm ET

“Freedom Fridays” ( PVP ) from 6:00pm ET ~ 8:00pm ET

Rendezvous Details:

  1. ADD THE HOST: Be sure to have the Host added (listed above) on your PlayStation Network account so you may participate in this event.
  2. LOCATION: At the scheduled time, we’ll be meeting via the PSN Party Chat named 6AXIS Freedom Wars Game Night,created by the Event Host you’ve added. Once you see it’s available, you may join on sight.
  3. DON’T BE LEFT OUT!: Party Chat will be kept public BUT dedicated for the PlayStation community participating in this event. We reserve & dedicate all spaces within the Party Chat to the Game Night’s attendees and will honor in a first-come-first-serve basis. (Space is limited, so be sure to be on-time!)

I only ask we keep it clean & respectful as we abide by the PlayStation ToS to continue bringing out the best of the PlayStation Network’s capabilities.


“Freedom Fridays” Main Event Promo Trailer


Let Us Know What You Think ;)

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