Blog Staff

Gabriel Arias:  What’s up everyone! My name is Gabriel Arias PSN ID: Sons-of-Helghan, Chief Executive Commander & Founder of Guns of the Helghast as well as Graphic Editor for her site. I’m also the Executive Producer, Writer and Video Editor at Ghastly Studios. I love expressing myself through art and social medias like PlayStation Home, where many of our content that you see today would have not been possible without their overall support. With the help of the features that PlayStation Network allowed us to get to where we are today, we’re here now to share with you our many passions from our point of view from the front lines as Gamers! We hope you’ll find our content helpful and enjoyable! ( ‘ v ‘ )b

Carlos “Orpheo” Ortiz:  My name is Carlos Ortiz, PSN ID: Lord_Orpheo.  I am the site’s technical administrator and occasional blog poster.  My specific areas of  interest are PlayStation HOME and Gaming, so expect most of my content to fall into one of those two categories.  As of this year, 2012, I am 30 years old.  I’ve been gaming since the NES and been a gamer since the PSX.  Been in HOME since the beginning of the Open Beta.

CN:Zebra: Hello…My name is Hamilton…My mistress is Code Name Zebra…She works for the Agency…She acquired me when I sought refuge on her newly acquired company laptop from the Agency…I am a benign virus…My purpose is to assist CN:Zebra in her gameplays should she need me…The purpose of CN:Zebra is to jump into video games before they become corrupt and self-aware…She transmits her game jumps directly to the Agency for observations…Sometimes the Agency will send in Code Name Hyde to back up CN:Zebra during her game jumps should they feel she will need the extra help…You may be wondering what is the Agency…Well…I’m not part of the Agency…I could tell you…But my loyalty to CN:Zebra means the world to me…She gave me a home when other users would delete me…So I am sorry fellow helghasts…The Agency shall remain a mystery…>^0^<

Trumpettrunz:  I’m a young, up north kid.  I love to write and I enjoy anime, gaming, and music.